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Our 2019 Specials includes Reduced rates for veterans, law enforcement, and students (high school and college). 

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Ontario Canada - Brook Trout


Mark Karaba of The Fly Factor is now offering guided fly fishing trips to Ontario Canada. We will be fishing several Lake Superior tributaries that hold genuine Coaster Brook Trout and wild brook trout throughout the entire upper river systems. These are wild fish in very wild surroundings that offer scenic vistas including many waterfalls, possible moose, bear and wolf sittings.
Trips will be fitted to your desire, ability and willingness to explore deeper into the bush or be content with more accessible, yet still very wild and under fished streams.
Accommodation details for lodging and food can be arranged .

For details on pricing and booking email Mark at


Smallmouth Angling

Why should you fly fish for river smallmouth? Consider one thing if your contemplating...the tug is the drug right? Well this is where it's at. An average say 12 to 15 inch smallie fights like a dog backed into a corner. You won't forget the acrobatic, powerful fight anytime soon! Add river current and those fish will wear your arm out. We're talking about a top predator that's keyed up ready to annihilate your fly because if he doesn't another fish will! We advise against bringing the 3 wt/4wt trout rod...we are talking about 6wt/7wt at least! The amount of hours you spend fishing for steelhead/trout compared to smallies just can't compare! It's action packed and fishing all day without a fish is rare. We love to watch the transformation from trout snob to bass enthusiast! Those top notch predators don't get the respect they deserve...see you soon!


Smallmouth Rivers and Streams - Kalamazoo, St. Joe and Grand Rivers (and a few lesser known hot spots)

The Fly Factors "bread and butter", smallmouth angling is what the Fly Factor staff live and breath. Fishing southwest Michigan streams with our staff is your best option for a chance at that smallmouth of a lifetime! Whether it's spring, summer or fall we will give you the best shot at moving water smallmouth!

Half-Day (4 hrs) $275

Whole Day (8 hrs) $350, add $25 for extended travel.

Wade Trip (2 hrs) $150

      (Does not include gratuities)

Trout Angling
Opportunity to catch wild brown trout exists throughout southwest and northern Michigan and the Fly Factor staff has intimate knowledge of these scenic, untapped rivers. Streamers, nymphs, dry flies and mousing techniques can all be employed and opportunity to catch 8-20" fish is common with the chance of landing that fish of a lifetime. If you really want to catch a trophy brown inquire about our streamer fishing opportunity!

Southwest Michigan Streams

Inquire about our seasonal trout trips.
Trout fishing spring creeks in Southwest Michigan is usually a wading game. $150 (2 hrs) or $275 (4hrs)

      (Does not include gratuities)

Northern, Lower Michigan Streams
Guided trips to beautiful trout streams of northern Michigan. Unlike no other these streams hold a place dear to TFF staff. Amazing fishing for brown, rainbow and brook trout. TFF staff can put you on fish from spring to fall. Rivers like the Manistee offer amazing trout fishing opportunity. Fooling a trout is something every angler needs to accomplish and with the help of the TFF staff your odds will increase dramatically.

Half-Day (4hrs) $275

Whole Day (8hrs) $400

      (Does not include gratuities)

River Cruises

Don't fish, but still want a relaxing ride down the river? We got you covered.

Everything from wildlife viewing, watershed explanation, history and plant and animal description. Or simply sit back and enjoy the natural bubbling stream as you drift downstream for a relaxing trip. Hop in the boat for a fully guided river cruise!

Packages Available - Contact Us for Rates