With over 60 years of on-the-water experience, we have a vast knowledge of the Michigan wilderness. We are wildlife enthusiasts and are on a mission to share our passion with others.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with an on-the-river adventure that goes beyond catching fish with a fly, exceeding expectations of your average fishing expedition. Our clients will experience a service that is not centered on catching fish alone, but to allow the client to experience the river for all that it has to offer. To provide a calm relaxation, much like like calm waters that we fish, while providing learning opportunities and knowledge from our experienced staff. And above all, enjoy all that nature has to offer.

more than a fishing trip

  • Experienced fly-fisherman, providing tried-and-true teaching techniques.
  • Providing knowledge of the wilderness, in the area in which your trip takes place.
  • An outdoor adventure. Experience all that the river has to offer. Learn from our experienced guides about Birdwatching, Aquatic life, wildlife and the encounters you will face on the river. 
  • Enjoy a peaceful day with no worries other than, when to take lunch time.
  • Develop a better understanding of nature and all that it is offering on the river.
  • Float, Wade or bank fish with our guide across quality waters for a variety of species of fish.
  • For our Full-day clients, enjoy a delicious bank-side meal full of engaging discussion of nature topics that interest you.
  • Have an experience that is bound to give you 'The Bug', that will keep you going back to the river for more.